HOME SCHOOLED: Lzzy Hale Writing Another Halestorm Record, Washing Hands at Home

And that’s just the beginning

March 23, 2020

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is making the most of her time “social distancing” at home, practicing ways to be healthy, productive, and rocking.

The singer shared a few tips for us in the exclusive video above, all part of our “Home Schooled” series, with artists sharing lessons from their own home.

We’re honored that she would take us around the house and show off some of what’s keeping her busy during this time, but there’s one thing in particular that caught our interest.

“Some of the things that I have been doing while I have been locking myself away in my own house, number one has been writing another Halestorm record,” she smiles.

“It goes without saying, always be creative, always move forward. Art heals. Art is my therapy. It’s just, it’s a magical thing, and that’s something truly important in my life.”

Another Halestorm record would be the fifth from the band, and the first since 2018’s Vicious. Lzzy even shows us the vocal booth, where she’s working on demos. Maybe a little time inside could spark something special for the band.

Hale also encourages us to wash our hands. “This is something that we all learned when we were five,” she points out. Personally, she uses “Panama” by Van Halen to get the timing right, but “whatever gets you through washing your hands. We know how to do this.”

It’s important to stay healthy and stay inside unless absolutely necessary, but Lzzy also adds the importance of staying connected.

“Stay connected, and pass along hope,” she says. “Remind yourself and each other, that we’re all in this together. And that we are only going to get through this if we are all united and all together, and we all have to do our part.”

For much more from Lzzy Hale, check out the full video above.

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