Fireworks Show Gone Wrong Causes Fire Outside Mets' Minor League Stadium

July 5, 2019

(WFAN) -- The Fourth of July fireworks show at Thursday night's St. Lucie Mets game didn't work out as the club would have been hoping they would.

Staff set off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day after the contest between Dayton and the Mets’ Single-A affiliate. The pyrotechnics ended up starting a brush fire just outside First Data Field.

The fire was eventually controlled, and according to reports, no one was injured. Still, the photos of the blaze make for some interesting viewing.

First Data Field opened in 1987 and hosts Mets spring training every year. It is currently undergoing renovations as it is set to be New York's spring home for the foreseeable future.

This isn’t the first time the St. Lucie Mets have had an issue with fireworks. Another fire was started accidentally by a fireworks display put on back in April of 2017.

That fire also didn’t cause real damage, but two fires in two years seems like something to be concerned about.

Maybe next time the St. Lucie Mets should stick to sparklers and confetti poppers.